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Super Mario Crossover Game

Rescue the princess not only with the traditional Mario character. Super mario crossover brings a lot of super heroes in other popular Nintendo games like Link from The Legend of Zelda game, Mega Man of Mega Buster, SamusAran from Metroid game, Simon Belmont from Castlevania game, Bill Rizer from Contra game, RyuHayabusa from Ninja Gaiden game, Luigi from Super Mario Bros game, Bass from Mega Man 10 game. Choose your favorite character and your journey will be new, much different.

Use super powers and special skills of each character to defeat the evil mushrooms and Bowser! Super Mario Crossover has captured the spotlight with this unique combination. And you want to try to rescue the princess with a new character now to feel the difference.

Guide playSuper Mario Crossover:

– Use the up, down, left arrow keys to move the direction

– Z to jump. X key to shoot.