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Super Mario 3D World Game

Tell your friends, relatives, family to join the rescue princess in Super mario 3d world. Super mario 3d world allows 4 players to play Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad characters simultaneously. There is also a hidden character that is Rosalina who can unlock the fifth character.

Each character has different abilities and controls. Mario has a moderate pace and runs. Luigi jumps higher and falls slower, but with low traction. Peach can dance very fast but slow. Toad runs the fastest, but can not jump high. Rosalina can use attack moves but has the slowest speed.

Players can choose any one of five characters to use before starting a level in Super mario 3d world. And it’s also possible for four players to choose all the characters at the same time to take part in the journey. Players can also pick, bring and throw together to help or hinder other characters.

Super mario 3d world has a noticeable improvement in graphics. Character, scene is very lively, authentic with 3D graphics. Join the game to feel.