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Super Mario Brothers Game

Super mario brothers is a flash game developed from classic mario games to bring new and attractive. The change brought great success for the super mario brothers.

Super mario brothers allowed to play two people with the new character is the brother of Mario, Luigi. Luigi has the same function as his brother. Players will feel lonely because now there are more companion on the long way to rescue the princess.

The coins will be scattered along the way, Mario and Luigi collect as much. This gives the player a higher score and moreover, when a certain number is reached, the player gains one more life. The monsters crawl, fly, appear suddenly, the cactus flower with thorns, fire brigade, deep holes … control the character is smart to destroy and avoid obstacles.

Supporting items such as adult mushrooms, lilacs, star protection hidden in the square to ask dots can not be ignored because it will help a lot for your character.Super mario brothers deserve the legendary game.