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Cat Mario

Cat Mario is right under its name inspired by the classic Super Mario game. It is a free 2D flash game developed in Japan. Character in Cat Mario has a face like a cat, but it has a body looking like human body and can walk on two feet like human beings.

It is pretty cute. However, the game is not as cute as its character itself. It may be quite hard for somebody. Mission is not to rescue the princess, you only have to overcome 6 stages of Cat Mario instead. The 6 stages of Cat Mario can make you go crazy because of the difficulties and the challenges that you have to pass.


Walkthrough of Cat Mario

If you are familiar with the Super Mario game, it is quite easy for you to play cat mario game, because Cat Mario game has the same way to play like Super Mario. Therefore, you may feel so familiar when you play the cat mario game.

  • Use the Pg up key to jump up
  • Use the Home + left arrow keys to move to the left
  • Use the Home + down arrow keys to go down or down the sewer pipes.
  • Use the End + right arrow keys to go straight or move to the right.

Challenges in Cat Mario

Cat Mario game does not have so many stages, but in each stage, it is very difficult for players to complete all the missions. Moreover, players have to spend so much time and effort to overcome all the challenges. If you think it is too easy to play Cat Mario game like Super Mario, you are totally wrong. In the first time, I did think so, but I change my mind right after starting the game.

cat mario

The first stage has the scene on the ground and the sun is shining. Your mission in this stage is to reach the flag pole, go downward and come into the house to start the next stage. When you complete a mission, the next stage will be unblocked. On the way to the flag pole, there are so many crawling monster, you can jump and kill them or just pass them and go on your way. At the same time, do not forget to collect gold coins around you or hidden in the “?” boxes, but remember that not all of them are safe for you. In the “?” boxes, there may be monsters, unlucky stars, which you should stay away.

When passing the sewer pipes, you should be careful, because sometimes, there are monsters suddenly flying out or falling down. So, you have to be careful, wait until the right time to jump and pass by. Clouds, flying walls or walls on the ground seem to be harmless but so dangerous. You are given 3 lives when you play Cat Mario game, but when you have spent all of your 3 lives, you can continue playing with the negative lives. Therefore, you should try to reach the green flags before you lose a life, because when you start a new life, the game will start at the furthest flag that you have reached. After starting the game, players lose so many lives in such a short road, somebody loses hundreds of lives, which shows you how difficult the game Cat Mario is.

The second stage is in the underground tunnel, so it is quite dark. There are more monsters than the first stage. The ground under your feet can suddenly subside or the wall may suddenly fall down on your head. Moreover, there are fire balls in this stage. There are so many impediments that players have to overcome, which makes is more difficult than the first stage.

In the third stage, players play on the ground again, but the ground will become higher and higher when you are coming to the end of the stage. The monsters become more dangerous when they are able to jump up and down that you can predict. The gap is taller and further, so players have to be very careful when jump through them, otherwise, they will fall into the deep.

In the 4th stage, the scene is completely different from the other stage that make players feeling like being in abyss. The whole scene is covered by shadow, tall dark stable walls, fire ocean, fire balls, fire arrows, fire bars continuously appear in large number. Players can lose a life anytime they are woolgathering, so players have to be attentive and careful.

The fifth stage is considered as the easiest stage in the six stage of Cat Mario. All players have to do is to jump continuously pass the impediments on the way and to move smoothly on the bars above. If players are skillful in controlling the character to jump, move smoothly, this stage is just a piece of cake.

You need to finish the final stage to make the cat mario unblocked totally. Players have to avoid the falling walls and the crawling monsters on the way to reach the target and complete the whole game.

You may want to give up while you have not finish the game yet, because some of the challenges are too hard to overcome. However, this is it which encourages you to try your best till the end of the game. When play cat mario game, you will be train to be a patient person.

Moreover, you will become more skillful in using keyboard after playing Cat Mario. And of course, this game itself is a form of entertainment when you are bored or tired. If you have completed Cat Mario, let’s try cat mario 2, cat mario 3, cat mario 4. They are the upgraded version of Cat Mario with much more interesting things.


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